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Next to the Holy Mass, the Divine Office (or Breviary) is the most important prayer offered to God.  It is offered by the Church and in the name of the Church, conferring multifold graces and blessings on those who recite it worthily, attentively and devoutly.  Normally the domain of priests and religious, the Church has continued to recommend her official prayer to the faithful.  However, until now, the complexity of the rubrics and a lack of suitable translations has deterred many.


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With the help of modern technology, it has become easier to overcome these problems.  The result is the Roman Breviary published by the Confraternity of Ss. Peter & Paul in both Latin and English.  No knowledge of the liturgy is required.  All you have to do is click on the feastday, and then on the Canonical Hour you want to say.  The rest is just like reading a book—everything is laid out for you in order according to the rubrics of the day.  No more flicking through the ribboned sections of a weighty volume.  No more apprehension that you are forgetting some obscure rubric.  It's all there spelled out, in order, every day.


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And if you do want to deepen your knowledge of the Breviary or the Confraternity, this website can help you with that too.  We already provide a short history of the Breviary, instructions on when to recite which Hours, a brief commentary on the psalms, and much more.  And for those who would really like to understand the rubrics in greater depth, we provide in our bookstore a detailed but simply written electronic manual entitled How to Say the Breviary.  We shall be expanding this website regularly with more information, so check back with us frequently.  And may God reward your prayers by bestowing on you all those spiritual favours that come from a devout reading of the Church's Divine Office.


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  Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

January 11, 2015

The Kings of the Earth Rise Up

“The kings of the earth rise up, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against his Anointed.” (Ps. 2, 2)

Since Our Saviour’s birth, the prophecy of the Second Psalm has been fulfilled on every single Sunday. The first Sunday after Christmas was the feast of the Holy Innocents, when literally one of the Kings of the earth, Herod, rose up in fear and anger against the Lord’s Anointed, sending his soldiers to kill all the young children of Bethlehem. Last week on the Feast of the Holy Name, we remembered how the Name of Jesus has been attacked with blasphemy on the lips of so many, mocking our Divine Saviour, at the Name of whom “every knee shall bow, every tongue confess Him King of glory now.”

Today’s feast of the Holy Family cannot help but remind us of the present vicious attacks on the institution of marriage made by the “kings of the earth”. We would be blind if we did not see these constant assaults on the Sacrament of Matrimony. We have seen the replacement of this sacrament with what has been called by some the one sacrament of liberalism, that of abortion. In this country, our innocent children are again being slaughtered with the full approval of the laws of the land. I heard on the radio the other day that Planned Parenthood had announced with pride their execution statistics for 2014, a figure of roughly 300,000, or one abortion every 90 seconds. The number of Herod’s murders was insignificant in comparison.

Nor is abortion the only major attack on marriage. The other of course, is the absolutely incredible notion that marriage should be between anyone other than a man and a woman. It beggars the mind how this travesty of common sense could possibly have become mainstream. Put it down to gradualism. With the same “gradual” changes that we saw in the 1950s and 60s that took us from the holy Sacrifice of the Mass to the Novus Ordo happy meal, we can look back at the same gradual acceptance of a lifestyle that calls to heaven for vengeance. First it was the comedy shows, lowering our levels of tolerance by making us laugh. Then it was the tactic of sympathy after the outbreak of AIDS in the 1980s. Finally, then the activists succeeded in breaking down every legal barrier to their devilish plan, so that today unnatural marriage is guaranteed by the laws of 36 states. Most of these began allowing it in 2014, and the race is on to make it the universal norm. To criticize this phenomenon of legalized sin is to invite the accusation of bigotry and hatred, and we are well on our way to seeing such criticism outlawed and criminalized. The kings of the earth rise up…

One of these kings is the ruler of the Novus Ordo Church. He’s known by many exalted titles, Supreme Pontiff, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Pope. But in reality he is just another of those kings of the earth who rise up against the Lord and his Anointed. In the good old days we could have expected an all-out call to arms against the advocates of abortion and unnatural marriage. But this man’s version of a call to arms is merely his tired old insipid soundbite “Who am I to judge?”

This supposed leader of Christendom has sent the word out to his bishops that he doesn’t want them fighting for the unborn, he wants them to welcome the practitioners of alternative lifestyles into the bosom of the Church. This response to the worst-ever attack on the Family is astonishing. One can only imagine the outcry there would have been if Pope Pius XII’s response to the Nazi holocaust had been “Who am I to judge?” And yet this new and unprecedented form of brutality in the abortion mills, and this complete overturning of the notions of right and wrong by the redefiners of marriage, have far surpassed the evils of the Nazi regime.

Take the time today to say a Rosary of Reparation for the attacks on the family. Pray that the Holy Family in heaven, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, may enlighten the minds of those who can influence the future of our nation and the world. Pray hard that we might all emulate that humble home in Nazareth, where God’s law reigned supreme, and parents and Child lived in perfect harmony and peace.

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