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The Official Prayer of the Church


Next to the Holy Mass, the Divine Office (or Breviary) is the most important prayer offered to God.  It is offered by the Church and in the name of the Church, conferring multifold graces and blessings on those who recite it worthily, attentively and devoutly.  Normally the domain of priests and religious, the Church has continued to recommend her official prayer to the faithful.  However, until now, the complexity of the rubrics and a lack of suitable translations has deterred many.


Now Accessible to the Layman


With the help of modern technology, it has become easier to overcome these problems.  The result is the Roman Breviary published by the Confraternity of Ss. Peter & Paul in both Latin and English.  No knowledge of the liturgy is required.  All you have to do is click on the feastday, and then on the Canonical Hour you want to say.  The rest is just like reading a book—everything is laid out for you in order according to the rubrics of the day.  No more flicking through the ribboned sections of a weighty volume.  No more apprehension that you are forgetting some obscure rubric.  It's all there spelled out, in order, every day.


Learn More about the Breviary


And if you do want to deepen your knowledge of the Breviary or the Confraternity, this website can help you with that too.  We already provide a short history of the Breviary, instructions on when to recite which Hours, a brief commentary on the psalms, and much more.  And for those who would really like to understand the rubrics in greater depth, we provide in our bookstore a detailed but simply written electronic manual entitled How to Say the Breviary.  We shall be expanding this website regularly with more information, so check back with us frequently.  And may God reward your prayers by bestowing on you all those spiritual favours that come from a devout reading of the Church's Divine Office.


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Link to the Office for the Feast of St. Pius X, our secondary patron.  You can browse through the various Hours of the Office and get a feel for what to expect.


Check out the artwork, the original photos, play some of the music.  We hope you enjoy the experience.   More importantly do you think this approach to prayer is something that could be spiritually beneficial for you?

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01-04-15 Most Holy Name of Jesus Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
01-11-15 Holy Family The Kings of the Earth Rise Up
01-18-15 2nd Sunday after Epiphany The Cross is Mightier Than the Sword
01-25-15 3rd Sunday after Epiphany Be Thou Healed
02-01-15 Septuagesima Why Stand Ye Idle?
02-08-15 Sexagesima My Strength is Made Perfet in Weakness
02-15-15 Quinquagesima Blind, Ignorant and Stupid
02-22-15 Quadragesima Lead Us Not Into Temptation
03-01-15 2nd Sunday in Lent Climb Every Mountain
03-08-15 3rd Sunday in Lent The Pitfalls of Pride
03-15-15 4th Sunday in Lent Not By Bread Alone
03-22-15 Passion Sunday The Beginning of the End
03-29-15 Palm Sunday High Crimes and Misdemeanours
04-03-15 Good Friday The Real Absence
04-05-15 Easter Sunday The Crown After the Cross
04-12-15 Low Sunday Gasping for God
04-19-15 2nd Sunday after Easter  Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain
04-26-15 3rd Sunday after Easter Re-arming the Church
05-10-15 5th Sunday after Easter Ask and Ye Shall Receive
05-17-15 Sunday within the Octave of Ascension What's Next?
05-24-15 Whitsunday Following the Apostles
05-31-15 Trinity Sunday The Cry of the Banshee
06-07-15 Sunday within the Octave of Corpus Christi They Have Taken Away My Lord
06-14-15 Sunday within the Octave of Sacred Heart Lost and Found
06-21-15 4th Sunday after Pentecost Working for Nothing
06-28-15 5th Sunday after Pentecost Between a Man and a Woman
07-05-15 6th Sunday after Pentecost From the Jaws of Death
07-12-15 7th Sunday after Pentecost How Does Your Garden Grow?
07-19-15 8th Sunday after Pentecost Balancing the Books
07-26-15 St. Anne Mother of the Mother of God
08-02-15 10th Sunday after Pentecost A Tale of Two Sinners
08-09-15 11th Sunday after Pentecost Will Wonders Never Cease?
08-15-15 The Assumption The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
08-16-15 St. Joachim And Was Made Man
08-23-15 13th Sunday after Pentecost Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole
08-30-15 14th Sunday after Pentecost Fighting the Good Fight
09-06-15 15th Sunday after Pentecost Reaping What We Sow
09-13-15 16th Sunday after Pentecost Know Your Place
09-20-13 17th Sunday after Pentecost The Fruit of Unity
09-27-15 18th Sunday after Pentecost Correcting our Neighbour
10-04-15 19th Sunday after Pentecost Angels of the Rosary
10-11-15 Divine Motherhood of the BVM A Most Important Event
10-18-15 St. Luke the Evangelist Lambs Among Wolves
10-25-15 Christ the King Dangers in Church and State
11-08-15 24th Sunday after Pentecost An Enemy Hath Done This!
11-15-15 25th Sunday after Pentecost No Pain, No Gain
11-22-15 26th and Last Sunday after Pentecost From End to Beginning
11-29-15 Advent Sunday Season of Hopefulness
12-06-15 2nd Sunday in Advent Reeds Shaken by the Wind
12-13-15 3rd Sunday in Advent Serve the Lord with Gladness
12-20-15 4th Sunday in Advent He Hath Exalted the Humble and Meek
12-25-15 Christmas Night Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will
12-27-15 St. John the Divine The Things of God